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al_open_native_text_log(3alleg5) al_open_native_text_log(3alleg5)


al_open_native_text_log - Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro_native_dialog.h>
ALLEGRO_TEXTLOG *al_open_native_text_log(char const *title, int flags)


Opens a window to which you can append log messages with al_append_native_text_log(3alleg5). This can be useful for debugging if you don’t want to depend on a console being available.

Use al_close_native_text_log(3alleg5) to close the window again.

The flags available are:

Prevent the window from having a close button. Otherwise, if the close button is pressed, an event is generated; see al_get_native_text_log_event_source(3alleg5).
Use a monospace font to display the text.

Returns NULL if there was an error opening the window, or if text log windows are not implemented on the platform.


al_append_native_text_log(3alleg5), al_close_native_text_log(3alleg5)

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