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AIRPORT-CONFIG(1) General Commands Manual AIRPORT-CONFIG(1)


airport-config - Configurator for the original Apple AirPort Base Station ("Graphite") and the Lucent RG-1000 base station




airport-config allows you to manage your AirPort base station, just like the AirPort software on Mac OS X.


airport-config accepts no command-line options. airport-config is a wrapper script around the AirportBaseStationConfigurator.jar jar file located in /usr/share/java/airport-utils.

You can set the JAVACMD environment variable to use a specific JVM instead of the one chosen by the wrapper script. Set the DEBUG environment variable to 1 to get the debug output from the wrapper script.


Set this variable to 1 to get the debug output from the wrapper script.

The full path to the Java Virtual Machine to use. By default, the wrapper uses JAVACMD; if it is not set, it looks for JAVA_BINDIR/java, then for JAVA_HOME/bin/java before looking for a java executable in the PATH. In the latter case, the JVM used can be configured using the Debian alternatives system (see update-alternatives(8)).

The full path where your JDK/JRE is installed.

The full path to the directory where the java executable is located.

Extra command-line arguments to be passed to the Java Virtual Machine.


airport-config was written by Jon Sevy <>.

This manual page was written by Julien BLACHE <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

May 20, 2006