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afl-gcc(8) System Manager's Manual afl-gcc(8)


afl-gcc - afl-cc++2.68c by Michal Zalewski




afl-gcc has no command line options
Environment variables used by afl-gcc:
AFL_CC: path to the C compiler to use
AFL_CXX: path to the C++ compiler to use
AFL_GCJ: path to the java compiler to use
AFL_PATH: path to the instrumenting assembler
AFL_DONT_OPTIMIZE: disable optimization instead of -O3
AFL_NO_BUILTIN: compile for use with
AFL_QUIET: suppress verbose output
AFL_CAL_FAST: speed up the initial calibration
AFL_HARDEN: adds code hardening to catch memory bugs
AFL_USE_ASAN: activate address sanitizer
AFL_USE_MSAN: activate memory sanitizer
AFL_USE_UBSAN: activate undefined behaviour sanitizer
Environment variables used by afl-as (called by afl-gcc):
AFL_AS: path to the assembler to use
TMPDIR: set the directory for temporary files of afl-as
TEMP: fall back path to directory for temporary files
TMP: fall back path to directory for temporary files
AFL_INST_RATIO: percentage of branches to instrument
AFL_QUIET: suppress verbose output
AFL_KEEP_ASSEMBLY: leave instrumented assembly files
AFL_AS_FORCE_INSTRUMENT: force instrumentation for asm sources
NOTE: afl-gcc is deprecated, llvm_mode is much faster and has more options


afl++ was written by Michal "lcamtuf" Zalewski and is maintained by Marc "van Hauser" Heuse <>, Heiko "hexcoder-" Eissfeldt <>, Andrea Fioraldi <> and Dominik Maier <> The homepage of afl++ is:


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004

2020-11-21 afl++