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ZABBIX_PROXY(8) System Manager's Manual ZABBIX_PROXY(8)


zabbix_proxy - Zabbix proxy daemon


zabbix_proxy [-c config-file]
zabbix_proxy [-c config-file] -R runtime-option
zabbix_proxy -h
zabbix_proxy -V


zabbix_proxy is a daemon that collects monitoring data from devices and sends it to Zabbix server.


Use the alternate config-file instead of the default one.
Run Zabbix proxy in foreground.
Perform administrative functions according to runtime-option.
Runtime control options
Reload configuration cache. Ignored if cache is being currently loaded. Active Zabbix proxy will connect to the Zabbix server and request configuration data. Default configuration file (unless -c option is specified) will be used to find PID file and signal will be sent to process, listed in PID file.
Reload SNMP cache.
Execute the housekeeper. Ignored if housekeeper is being currently executed.
Log internal diagnostic information of the specified section. Section can be historycache, preprocessing, locks. By default diagnostic information of all sections is logged.
Increase log level, affects all processes if target is not specified.
Decrease log level, affects all processes if target is not specified.
Log level control targets
All processes of specified type (configuration syncer, data sender, discoverer, heartbeat sender, history syncer, housekeeper, http poller, icmp pinger, ipmi manager, ipmi poller, java poller, poller, self-monitoring, snmp trapper, task manager, trapper, unreachable poller, vmware collector, history poller, availability manager, odbc poller)
Process type and number (e.g., poller,3)
Process identifier
Display this help and exit.
Output version information and exit.


Default location of Zabbix proxy configuration file (if not modified during compile time).



zabbix_agentd(8), zabbix_get(1), zabbix_sender(1), zabbix_server(8), zabbix_js(1), zabbix_agent2(8), zabbix_web_service(8)

2022-01-06 Zabbix