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WESNOTHD(6) Battle for Wesnoth multiplayer network daemon WESNOTHD(6)


wesnothd - Battle for Wesnoth multiplayer network daemon


wesnothd [-dv] [-c path] [-p port] [-t number] [-T number]
wesnothd -V


Manages Battle for Wesnoth multiplayer games. See on what commands the server accepts via the wesnoth client (/query ...) or the fifo.


tells wesnothd where to find the config file to use. See the section SERVER CONFIG below for the syntax. You can reload the config with sending SIGHUP to the server process.
runs wesnothd as a daemon.
tells you what the command line options do.
sets the severity level of the log domains. all can be used to match any log domain. Available levels: errorwarninginfodebug. By default the error level is used and the info level for the server domain.
binds the server to the specified port. If no port is specified, port 15000 will be used.
sets the maximum number of waiting worker threads for network I/O to n (default: 5, max: 30).
sets the maximum number of worker threads that will be created. If set to 0 there will be no limit (default: 0).
shows version number and exits.
turns debug logging on.


The general syntax is:




Global keys:

If set to no (default), shut_down and restart requests are ignored unless they come from the fifo. Set it to yes to allow remote shutdown via a /query by an administrator.
Full or relative path to a (gzip compressed) file that the server can read and write. Bans will be saved to this file and read again on server start.
Determines whether the rooms file should be read and written to in compressed form. Default value is yes.
The number of allowed connections from the same IP. 0 means infinite. (default: 5)
Names/nicks that are not accepted by the server. * and ? from wild-card patterns are supported. See glob(7) for more details. Default values (used if nothing is specified) are: *admin*,*admln*,*server*,ai,ai?,computer,human,network,player.
The path to the fifo you can echo server commands into (same as /query ... from wesnoth). The compile-time path is used by default if it is not specified (default: /var/run/wesnothd/socket).
The number of allowed messages in messages_time_period. (default: 4)
The time period (in seconds) message flooding is detected in. (default: 10 seconds)
The message of the day.
Determines who can create new rooms on the server. Available values are everyone, registered, admin and nobody, and give the permission respectively to everyone, registered users, admin users or disables new room creation. Default value is everyone.
The password used to gain admin privileges (via /query admin password).
The directory where the server stores game replays. (Don't forget the trailing /!) It is set to `' by default, which means the directory wesnothd was started in.
The command that the server uses to start a new server process via the restart command. (Can only be issued via the fifo. See the allow_remote_shutdown setting.)
Path to a file where the room info should be stored. This file is read on server start-up and written to later. If empty or not set, rooms are not loaded and not saved.
Defines whether the server will automatically save replays of games. (default: false)
A comma separated list of version strings to be accepted by the server. * and ? from wild-card patterns are supported. (default is the corresponding wesnoth version)
Example: versions_accepted="*" accepts any version string.
Whether to prevent users who are not registered with the user_handler being used from logging in. (default: false)

Global tags:

[redirect] A tag to specify a server to redirect certain client versions to. Is not used if versions_accepted is not set.

The address of the server to redirect to.
The port to connect to.
A comma separated list of versions to redirect. Behaves the same way as versions_accepted in regard to wild-card patterns.

[ban_time] A tag to define convenient keywords for temporary ban time lengths.

The name used to reference the ban time.
The time length definition. The format is: %d[%s[%d%s[...]]] where %s is s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours), D (days), M (months) or Y (years) and %d is a number. If no time modifier is given minutes (m) are assumed. Example: time="1D12h30m" results in a ban time of 1 day, 12 hours and 30 minutes.

[proxy] A tag to tell the server to act as a proxy and forward the connected client's requests to the specified server. Accepts the same keys as [redirect].

[user_handler] Configures the user handler. If no [user_handler] section is present in the configuration the server will run without any nick registration service. All additional tables that are needed for the forum_user_handler to function can be found in table_definitions.sql in the Wesnoth source repository. Requires mysql support enabled. For cmake this is ENABLE_MYSQL and for scons this is forum_user_handler.

The host name of the database server
The name of the database
The name of the user under which to log into the database
This user's password
The name of the table in which your phpbb forums saves its user data. Most likely this will be <table-prefix>_users (e.g. phpbb3_users).
The name of the table in which wesnothd will save its own data about users.
The name of the table in which wesnothd will save its own data about games.
The name of the table in which wesnothd will save its own data about the players in a game.
The name of the table in which wesnothd will save its own data about the modifications used in a game.
The name of the table in which your phpbb forums saves its user group data. Most likely this will be <table-prefix>_user_group (e.g. phpbb3_user_group).
The ID of the forum group to be considered as having moderation authority.


Normal exit status is 0 when the server was properly shutdown. An exit status of 2 indicates an error with the command line options.


Written by David White <>. Edited by Nils Kneuper <>, ott <>, Soliton <> and Thomas Baumhauer <>. This manual page was originally written by Cyril Bouthors <>.
Visit the official homepage:


Copyright © 2003-2022 David White <>
This is Free Software; this software is licensed under the GPL version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.



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