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PROGRESS(1) Embedded Software Update Documentation PROGRESS(1)


progress - SWUpdate progress tool

swupdate-progress tries to connect to a running instance of SWUpdate to get the status of a running update.


swupdate-progress [option]


swupdate-progress is an example how to connect to SWUpdate via the progress interface. It shows on stdout a simple bar with the percent indication of the current update and reports the result of the update. It can optionally drive "psplash" or execute a script after an update.

Use colors to show results on stdout
Command to be execute after an update
send percentage to psplash
optionally reboot the target after a successful update
path to progress IPC socket in case the default is not taken
waits for a SWUpdate connection instead of exit with error
print a help


2013-2023, Stefano Babic

April 29, 2023 2022.12