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PUBLIC-INBOX-IMAPD(1) public-inbox user manual PUBLIC-INBOX-IMAPD(1)


public-inbox-imapd - IMAP server for sharing public-inboxes


  public-inbox-imapd [OPTIONS]


public-inbox-imapd provides a read-only IMAP daemon for public-inbox. It uses options and environment variables common to all public-inbox-daemon(8) implementations.

Like public-inbox-nntpd(1) and public-inbox-httpd(1), "public-inbox-imapd" will never require write access to the directory where the public-inboxes are stored, so it may be run as a different user than the user running public-inbox-watch(1), public-inbox-mda(1), or git-fetch(1).


See common options in "OPTIONS" in public-inbox-daemon(8). Additionally, IMAP-specific behavior for certain options are supported and documented below.

In addition to the normal "-l"/"--listen" switch described in public-inbox-daemon(8), the "PROTOCOL" prefix (e.g. "imap://" or "imaps://") may be specified to force a given protocol.

For STARTTLS and IMAPS support, the "cert" and "key" may be specified on a per-listener basis after a "?" character and separated by ",". These directives are per-directive, and it's possible to use a different cert for every listener.

The default TLS certificate for optional STARTTLS and IMAPS support if the "cert" option is not given with "--listen".

If using systemd-compatible socket activation and a TCP listener on port 993 is inherited, it is automatically IMAPS when this option is given. When a listener on port 143 is inherited and this option is given, it automatically gets STARTTLS support.

The default private TLS certificate key for optional STARTTLS and IMAPS support if the "key" option is not given with "--listen". The private key may be concatenated into the path used by "--cert", in which case this option is not needed.


"public-inbox-imapd" uses the same configuration knobs as public-inbox-nntpd(1), see public-inbox-nntpd(1) and public-inbox-config(5).

The newsgroup name maps to an IMAP folder name.


Feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <>

The mail archives are hosted at <>, and <nntp://>, <nntp://4uok3hntl7oi7b4uf4rtfwefqeexfzil2w6kgk2jn5z2f764irre7byd.onion/inbox.comp.mail.public-inbox.meta>


Copyright 2020-2021 all contributors <>

License: AGPL-3.0+ <>


git(1), git-config(1), public-inbox-daemon(8), public-inbox-config(5), public-inbox-nntpd(1)

1993-10-02 public-inbox.git