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PW-METADATA(1) General Commands Manual PW-METADATA(1)


pw-metadata - The PipeWire metadata


pw-metadata [options] [id [key [value [type ] ] ] ]


Monitor, set and delete metadata on PipeWire objects.

Metadata are key/type/value triplets attached to objects identified by id. The metadata is shared between all applications binding to the same metadata object. When an object is destroyed, all its metadata is automatically removed.

When no value is given, pw-metadata will query and log the metadata matching the optional arguments id and key. Without any arguments, all metadata is displayed.

When value is given, pw-metadata will set the metadata for id and key to value and an optional type.


The name the remote instance to use. If left unspecified, a connection is made to the default PipeWire instance.
Show help.

Show version information.

Keeps running and log the changes to the metadata.

-d | --delete

Delete all metadata for id or for the specified key of object id

Without any option, all metadata is removed


The PipeWire Developers <>; PipeWire is available from


pipewire(1), pw-mon(1), pw-cli(1),