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PW-LINK(1) General Commands Manual PW-LINK(1)


pw-link - The PipeWire Link Command


pw-link [options] -o|-i|-l [out-pattern] [in-pattern]

pw-link [options] output input

pw-link [options] -d output input

pw-link [options] -d link-id


List, create and destroy links between PipeWire ports.


The name the remote instance to monitor. If left unspecified, a connection is made to the default PipeWire instance.
Show help.

Show version information.


Specify one of -o, -i or -l to list the matching optional input and output ports and their links.

List output ports
List output ports
List links
Monitor links and ports. pw-link will not exit but monitor and print new and destroyed ports or links.
List IDs. Also list the unique link and port ids.
Verbose port properties. Also list the port-object-path and the port-alias.


Without any list option (-i, -o or -l), the given ports will be linked. Valid port specifications are:

As obtained with the -I option when listing ports.
As obtained when listing ports.
As obtained from the first alternative name for the port when listing them with the -v option.
As obtained from the second alternative name for the ports when listing them with the -v option.

Extra options when linking can be given:

Linger. Will create a link that exists after pw-link is destroyed. This is the default behaviour, unless the -m option is given.
Passive link. A passive link will keep both nodes it links inactive unless another non-passive link is activating the nodes. You can use this to link a sink to a filter and have them both suspended when nothing else is linked to either of them.
Properties as JSON object. Give extra properties when creaing the link.


When the -d option is given, an existing link between port is destroyed.

To disconnect port, a single link-id, as obtained when listing links with the -I option, or two port specifications can be given. See the connecting ports section for valid port specifications.

Disconnect ports


List all port and their links.
List all links and monitor changes until pw-link is stopped.
Link the given output port to the input port.
List links and their Id.
Destroy the link with id 89.


The PipeWire Developers <>; PipeWire is available from


pipewire(1), pw-cli(1),