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send_nsca(8) System Manager's Manual send_nsca(8)


send_nsca - send passive check results to an NSCA daemon


send_nsca -H <host_address> [-p port] [-to to_sec] [-d delim] [ -c config_file]


send_nsca This utility is used to send passive check results to the NSCA daemon. Host and Service check data that is to be sent to the NSCA daemon is read from standard input. Input should be provided in the following format (tab-delimited unless overridden with -d command line argument, one entry per line):



The IP address of the host running the NSCA daemon
The port on which the daemon is running - default is 5667
Number of seconds before connection attempt times out. (default timeout is 10 seconds)
Delimiter to use when parsing input (defaults to a tab)
Name of config file to use



nsca server configuration
send_nsca configuration


NSCA was written by Ethan Galstad <>. This manpage was written by sean finney <> for Debian (but it may be freely used, modified, and redistributed by others).

December 2005 nsca