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Munin::Node::Config(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Munin::Node::Config(3pm)


Munin::Node::Config - Singleton node configuration container. Reads configuration files.


 $config = Munin::Node::Config->instance();
 print $config->{fqdn}, "\n";


 $config = Munin::Node::Config->instance();

Returns the singleton instance of this class.


Deletes all configuration variables


Deletes all configuration variables and reinitializes the object with values from \%variables.


Parses the munin node configuration from a file. Dies if the file fails the paranoia checks.


Parses the munin node configuration from a filehandle.


Parses all unignored files in the plugin configuration folder.


Parses the plugin configuration in $file.


Parses the plugin configuration from an IO::Handle.


Applies the contents of any wildcard plugin configuration sections to matching plugins.

See <>

2022-10-12 perl v5.32.1