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RATEUP(1) mrtg RATEUP(1)


rateup - tool to generate images for MRTG


rateup -f <parameter file>

rateup directory basename [sampletime] [t sampletime]
[-(t)ransparent] [-(b)order]
[u|a|g|h|m in out abs_max]
[i/p file maxvi maxvo maxx maxy growright step bits]


rateup is a fast add-on to the great MRTG Traffic monitor. It makes the database file updates much faster, and creates the graphic image files, ready for processing by PPMTOGIF. It also reduces memory requirements by a factor of 10, and increases the speed of updates by a factor of at least 10. This makes it feasible to run mrtg every 5 minutes.

rateup attempts to compensate for missed updates by repeating the last sample, and also tries to catch bad update times. The .log file stores real history every five minutes for 31 hours, then 'compresses' the history into 30 minute samples for a week, then 2-hour samples for 31 days, then daily samples for two years. This ensures that the log files don't grow in size.

The log files are a slightly different format, but convert.perl will fix that for you.


Dave Rand <>, Tobias Oetiker <>, Alexandre Steinberg <>


mrtg(1), mrtg-reference(1), mrtg-logfile(1), mrtg-traffic-sum(1), cfgmaker(1), indexmaker(1)

2022-01-19 2.17.10