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PublicInbox::Import(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation PublicInbox::Import(3pm)


PublicInbox::Import - message importer for public-inbox v1 inboxes


version 1.0


        use PublicInbox::Eml;
        # PublicInbox::Eml exists as of public-inbox 1.5.0,
        # Email::MIME was used in older versions
        use PublicInbox::Git;
        use PublicInbox::Import;
        chomp(my $git_dir = `git rev-parse --git-dir`);
        $git_dir or die "GIT_DIR= must be specified\n";
        my $git = PublicInbox::Git->new($git_dir);
        my @committer = ('inbox', '');
        my $im = PublicInbox::Import->new($git, @committer);
        # to add a message:
        my $message = "From: <u\>\n".
                "Subject: test message \n" .
                "Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 +0000\n" .
                "Message-ID: <m\>\n".
                "\ntest message";
        my $parsed = PublicInbox::Eml->new($message);
        my $ret = $im->add($parsed);
        if (!defined $ret) {
                warn "duplicate: ", $parsed->header_raw('Message-ID'), "\n";
        } else {
                print "imported at mark $ret\n";
        # to remove a message
        my $junk = PublicInbox::Eml->new($message);
        my ($mark, $orig) = $im->remove($junk);
        if ($mark eq 'MISSING') {
                print "not found\n";
        } elsif ($mark eq 'MISMATCH') {
                print "Message exists but does not match\n\n",
                        $orig->as_string, "\n",;
        } else {
                print "removed at mark $mark\n\n",
                        $orig->as_string, "\n";


An importer and remover for public-inboxes which takes "PublicInbox::Eml" or Email::MIME messages as input and stores them in a git repository as documented in <>, except it does not allow duplicate Message-IDs.

It requires git(1) and git-fast-import(1) to be installed.



        my $im = PublicInbox::Import->new($git, @committer);

Initialize a new PublicInbox::Import object.


        my $parsed = PublicInbox::Eml->new($message);

Adds a message to to the git repository. This will acquire "$GIT_DIR/ssoma.lock" and start git-fast-import(1) if necessary.

Messages added will not be visible to other processes until "done" is called, but "remove" may be called on them.


        my $junk = PublicInbox::Eml->new($message);
        my ($code, $orig) = $im->remove($junk);

Removes a message from the repository. On success, it returns a ':'-prefixed numeric code representing the git-fast-import mark and the original messages as a PublicInbox::Eml (or Email::MIME) object. If the message could not be found, the code is "MISSING" and the original message is undef. If there is a mismatch where the "Message-ID" is matched but the subject and body do not match, the returned code is "MISMATCH" and the conflicting message is returned as orig.


Finalizes the git-fast-import(1) and unlocks the repository. Calling this is required to finalize changes to a repository.




All feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <>

The mail archives are hosted at <>


Copyright (C) 2016-2020 all contributors <>

License: AGPL-3.0+ <>

2022-11-14 perl v5.32.1