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GnuPG::PrimaryKey(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation GnuPG::PrimaryKey(3pm)


GnuPG::PrimaryKey - GnuPG Primary Key Objects


  # assumes a GnuPG::Interface object in $gnupg
  my @keys = $gnupg->get_public_keys( 'ftobin' );
  # or
  my @keys = $gnupg->get_secret_keys( 'ftobin' );
  # now GnuPG::PrimaryKey objects are in @keys


GnuPG::PrimaryKey objects are generally instantiated as GnuPG::PublicKey or GnuPG::SecretKey objects through various methods of GnuPG::Interface. They embody various aspects of a GnuPG primary key.

This package inherits data members and object methods from GnuPG::Key, which is not described here, but rather in GnuPG::Key.


A list of GnuPG::UserId objects associated with this key.
A list of GnuPG::UserAttribute objects associated with this key.
A list of GnuPG::SubKey objects associated with this key.
WARNING: DO NOT USE. This used to mean GnuPG's local id for the key, but modern versions of GnuPG do not produce it. Expect this to be the empty string or undef.
The scalar value GnuPG reports as the ownertrust for this key. See GnuPG's DETAILS file for details.


GnuPG::Key, GnuPG::UserId, GnuPG::SubKey,

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