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LEI-P2Q(1) public-inbox user manual LEI-P2Q(1)


lei-p2q - use a patch to generate a lei-q query



lei p2q [OPTIONS] (--stdin|-)


Given a patch, create a query that can be fed on stdin to lei-q(1). This is useful for mapping the patch to associated messages of an inbox.

The patch can be provided on stdin or as a file. Alternatively, when an argument is given that does not point to an existing file, it is taken as a reference to a commit in the current git repository, and git-format-patch(1) is used to generate the patch.


Search prefixes to use. "dfpost" (post-image git blob ID) and "dfn" (file names from the diff) are the most useful. Other available values are "dfa", "dfb", "dfctx", "dfhh", and "dfpre".

Appending an integer to "dfpost" or "dfpre" indicates a minimum ID length, and the generated query will be for that value up through the default abbreviation length. For example, if the repository's "core.abbrev" is set to "auto" and git calculates the default abbreviation length as 7, "dfpost6" will expand a post-image blob ID of e7b4b32 (seven characters) into "dfpost:e7b4b32 OR dfpost:e7b4b3".

This option may be given multiple times.

Default: "dfpost7"

Read message from stdin. This is implicit if no arguments are given and stdin is a pipe or regular file.
Dump output that shows the information collected for every prefix. This information can be useful for seeing how a patch is processed, but the format should not be considered stable.
URI escape output for interacting with HTTP(S) public-inbox instances.
Suppress feedback messages.


  # to search for all threads which touch a given thread:
  lei p2q $COMMIT_OID | lei q -t -o /tmp/results
  # to view results on a remote HTTP(S) public-inbox instance
  $BROWSER$(lei p2q --uri $COMMIT_OID)
  # to view unapplied patches for a given $FILE from the past year:
  echo \( rt:last.year.. AND dfn:$FILE \) AND NOT \( \
        $(git log -p --pretty=mboxrd --since=last.year $FILE |
                lei p2q -F mboxrd )
        \) | lei q -o /tmp/unapplied


Feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <>

The mail archives are hosted at <> and <http://4uok3hntl7oi7b4uf4rtfwefqeexfzil2w6kgk2jn5z2f764irre7byd.onion/meta/>


Copyright all contributors <>

License: AGPL-3.0+ <>



1993-10-02 public-inbox.git