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GIT-LFS-UNLOCK(1) General Commands Manual GIT-LFS-UNLOCK(1)


git-lfs-unlock - Remove "locked" setting for a file on the Git LFS server


git lfs unlock OPTIONS path


Removes the given file path as "locked" on the Git LFS server. Files must exist and have a clean git status before they can be unlocked. The --force flag will skip these checks.


Specify the Git LFS server to use. Ignored if the lfs.url config key is set.
Tells the server to remove the lock, even if it's owned by another user.
Specifies a lock by its ID instead of path.
Writes lock info as JSON to STDOUT if the command exits successfully. Intended for interoperation with external tools. If the command returns with a non-zero exit code, plain text messages will be sent to STDERR.


git-lfs-lock(1), git-lfs-locks(1).

Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

June 2022