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BPFMON(8) System Manager's Manual BPFMON(8)


bpfmon - BPF based visual packet rate monitor



bpfmon [-autzvIiLlnNh] <device> '<bpf_filter_code>'

bpfmon [-autzvIiLlnNh] iptables '[<table>] <chain> <rulenum>'

bpfmon [-autzvIiLlnNh] iptables [select]


bpfmon (like tcpdump) uses BPF filter to select packets that match the filter. While with tcpdump it is easy to see what packets match the filter, bpfmon shows how much are the matches packets in terms of bytes per second and packets per second.

bpfmon displays the information in pseudo-graphical text interface, developed for modern terminals, but it also supports pure ASCII display.

In addition, bpfmon allows instead of monitoring packets matching a BPF filter to get its data from an iptables rule (on Linux systems).

In interactive mode, there are hot keys to display help or modify the mode of operation.

Without any arguments, bpfmon will display its version and options help.


Use ASCII drawing characters
Use UTF-8 drawing characters
Use no interface (simple text output)
Use horizontal full-screen interface
Use vertical full-screen interface
Show history in vertical full-screen
Hide history in vertical full-screen
Show legend in vertical full-screen
Hide legend in vertical full-screen -n Show interface white on black
Show interface inverse (black on white)
Show usage information and exit


Toggle help screen
switch to ASCII drawing chars
switch to UTF-8 drawing chars
toggle horizontal/vertical mode
toggle history in vertical mode
toggle legend in vertical mode
refresh screen


tcpdump(8), bpf(4), pcap-filter(7)


The bpfmon program was written by Boian Bonev from 2014 to 2021.

This manual page was written by Boian Bonev for the Debian project and is placed in the public domain.

September 2020