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ant(1) General Commands Manual ant(1)


ant - a Java based make tool.




Like make ant is a tool by which projects can be build. But unlike it, ant is based on Java which means it will run on every platform for which a Java Virtual Machine is available. This makes it a great tool for building Java software.

By default it takes information from build.xml which describes the targets.

print help on the command line options
print project help information
print the version information
print information that might be helpful to diagnose or report problems
be extra quiet
print nothing but task outputs and build failures
be extra verbose
print debugging information
produce logging information without adornments
specifies a path to search for jars and classes
use the given file to output log to
use the given class to perform logging
add an instance of the given class as a project listener
do not allow interactive input
use the given buildfile instead of the default build.xml file. This is the ant equivalent of Makefile
use value for the given property
execute all targets that do not depend on failed target(s)
load all properties from file with -D properties taking precedence
the class which will handle input requests
search for buildfile towards the root of the filesystem and use it
A niceness value for the main thread: 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest); 5 is the default
Run ant without using the jar files from ${user.home}/.ant/lib
Run ant without using CLASSPATH
Java 5 or later : use the OS proxy settings
Override Ant's normal entry point


make(1) mvn(1)


This manpage is written by Egon Willighagen <>

Feb 2010 Debian GNU/Linux