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podman-network-prune(1) General Commands Manual podman-network-prune(1)


podman-network-prune - Remove all unused networks


podman network prune [options]


Remove all unused networks. An unused network is defined by a network which has no containers connected or configured to connect to it. It will not remove the so-called default network which goes by the name of podman.



Provide filter values.

The filters argument format is of key=value. If there is more than one filter, then pass multiple OPTIONS: --filter foo=bar --filter bif=baz.

Supported filters:

Filter Description
label Only remove networks, with (or without, in the case of label!=[...] is used) the specified labels.
until Only remove networks created before given timestamp.

The label filter accepts two formats. One is the label=key or label=key=value, which removes networks with the specified labels. The other format is the label!=key or label!=key=value, which removes networks without the specified labels.

The until filter can be Unix timestamps, date formatted timestamps, or Go duration strings (e.g. 10m, 1h30m) computed relative to the machine’s time.

--force, -f

Do not prompt for confirmation


Prune networks

podman network prune

Prune all networks created before 2h

podman network prune --filter until=2h


podman(1), podman-network(1), podman-network-rm(1)


February 2021, Originally compiled by Brent Baude ⟨⟩