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Test2::EventFacet::Error(3perl) Perl Programmers Reference Guide Test2::EventFacet::Error(3perl)


Test2::EventFacet::Error - Facet for errors that need to be shown.


This facet is used when an event needs to convey errors.


This facet has the hash key 'errors', and is a list of facets instead of a single item.


$string = $error->{details}
$string = $error->details()
Explanation of the error, or the error itself (such as an exception). In perl exceptions may be blessed objects, so this field may contain a blessed object.
$short_string = $error->{tag}
$short_string = $error->tag()
Short tag to categorize the error. This is usually 10 characters or less, formatters may truncate longer tags.
$bool = $error->{fail}
$bool = $error->fail()
Not all errors are fatal, some are displayed having already been handled. Set this to true if you want the error to cause the test to fail. Without this the error is simply a diagnostics message that has no effect on the overall pass/fail result.


The source code repository for Test2 can be found at




Copyright 2020 Chad Granum <>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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