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CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Radio(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Radio(3pm)


CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Radio - A radio button widget


 # Inherits from CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box
 # $form is a CGI::Test::Form
 my @title = $form->radios_named("title");
 my ($mister) = grep { $_->value eq "Mr" } @title;
 $mister->check if defined $mister;
 my $title = $form->radio_by_name("title");


This class represents a radio button widget, which may be checked at will by users. All other radio buttons of the same group are automatically unchecked.

If no radio button is checked initially, "CGI::Test" arbitrarily chooses the first one listed and warns you via "warn".

The interface is the same as the one described in CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box.

Any attempt to "uncheck" a radio button will be ignored, and a warning emitted via "carp", to help you identify the caller.


The original author is Raphael Manfredi.

Steven Hilton was long time maintainer of this module.

Current maintainer is Alexander Tokarev <>.


CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box(3), CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Check(3).

2022-06-10 perl v5.34.0