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AuSetDeviceAttributes(3) Library Functions Manual AuSetDeviceAttributes(3)


AuSetDeviceAttributes - set device attributes


#include <audio/audiolib.h>

void AuSetDeviceAttributes(server, device, valuemask, attributes, status)
AuServer *server;
AuDeviceID device;
AuMask valuemask;
AuDeviceAttributes *attributes;
AuStatus *status; /* RETURN */


Specifies the connection to the audio server.
Specifies the ID of the device.
Specifies which values in attributes to used. This must be a bitwise inclusive OR of one or more of these constants: AuCompCommonIDMask, AuCompCommonKindMask, AuCompCommonUseMask, AuCommonFormatMask, AuCommonNumTracksMask, AuCommonAccessMask, AuCommonDescriptionMask, AuCompDeviceGainMask, or AuCompDeviceLineModeMask.
Specifies the structure from which the values (as specified by the value mask) are to be taken.
If non-NULL, flush the output buffer and return the status from the server.


AuSetDeviceAttributes sets the attributes of device using only those values in attributes specified by valuemask. Attempting to change attributes not marked as changable will fail with a AuBadValue error.


AuBadDevice, AuBadLength, AuBadValue.

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