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SoPackedColor(3IV)() SoPackedColor(3IV)()


SoPackedColor — node that defines base colors using packed representation


SoBase > SoFieldContainer > SoNode > SoPackedColor


#include <Inventor/nodes/SoPackedColor.h>

Fields from class SoPackedColor:

SoMFUInt32 orderedRGBA

Methods from class SoPackedColor:


static SoType getClassTypeId()

Methods from class SoNode:

void setOverride(SbBool state)

SbBool isOverride() const

SoNode * copy(SbBool copyConnections = FALSE) const

virtual SbBool affectsState() const

static SoNode * getByName(const SbName &name)

static int getByName(const SbName &name, SoNodeList &list)

Methods from class SoFieldContainer:

void setToDefaults()

SbBool hasDefaultValues() const

SbBool fieldsAreEqual(const SoFieldContainer *fc) const

void copyFieldValues(const SoFieldContainer *fc, SbBool copyConnections = FALSE)

SbBool set(const char *fieldDataString)

void get(SbString &fieldDataString)

virtual int getFields(SoFieldList &resultList) const

virtual SoField * getField(const SbName &fieldName) const

SbBool getFieldName(const SoField *field, SbName &fieldName) const

SbBool isNotifyEnabled() const

SbBool enableNotify(SbBool flag)

Methods from class SoBase:

void ref()

void unref() const

void unrefNoDelete() const

void touch()

virtual SoType getTypeId() const

SbBool isOfType(SoType type) const

virtual void setName(const SbName &name)

virtual SbName getName() const


SoPackedColor is similar to SoBaseColor in that it sets the diffuse color component of the current material. However, it also changes the transparency component. The color and transparency information is packed into unsigned 32-bit integers: 0xrrggbbaa, where aa represents the alpha (0x00 = fully transparent, 0xff = opaque), and rr, gg, and bb represent the red, blue, and green components of the color, respectively. Note that the order (r,g,b,a) of these components is reversed from the ordering in releases of Inventor prior to 2.1.

If the transparency type is SoGLRenderAction::SCREEN_DOOR, only the first transparency value will be used. With other transparency types, multiple transparencies will be used.

SoPackedColor uses less memory than SoBaseColor or SoMaterial to store multiple color and transparency values. It can be used in cases where space is critical.


SoMFUInt32 orderedRGBA

Defines the packed colors.



Creates a packed color node with default settings.

static SoType getClassTypeId()

Returns type identifier for this class.


SoGLRenderAction, SoCallbackAction

Sets the current base (diffuse) color(s) in the state.


PackedColor {

orderedRGBA 0xccccccff


SoBaseColor, SoMaterial