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DKOPP(1) Dkopp man page DKOPP(1)


Dkopp - copy files to DVD or BD (Blue-ray) media


dkopp [ -job | -run ] jobfile
dkopp [ -nogui ] -script scriptfile


Dkopp copies files to backup DVD or BD media. It supports full
or incremental backups and full or incremental media verification.


Dkopp is a menu-driven GUI (GTK) program operating in its own window.
Dkopp copies files and directories specified in a job file to DVD or
BD media. Dkopp can copy all files to empty media (full copy), or
only new and modified files to previously used media (incremental).
Files and directories to include or exclude can be selected from the
file system hierarchy using a GUI navigator. Specifications are saved
in a job file which can be re-edited and re-used. Script files can
be run in batch mode using the -nogui option. Dkopp can be used to
select and restore files previously copied, and owner and permission
data is also restored. The DVD/BD media can also be accessed with
file system tools like Nautilus.

Dkopp supports the following functionalities:
- Three backup modes: full, incremental, accumulate.
- Three media verification modes: full, incremental, thorough.
- Use write-once or re-writable DVD or BD media (but not CD).
- Report disk:backup differences in detail or summary form.
- Select and restore files from a backup copy (or use drag and drop).
- Search log files to find media where specified files are saved.


Command line options:
[ -job ] jobfile open job file for editing
-run jobfile execute a job file
[ -nogui ] -script scriptfile execute a script file


The online user manual is available using the menu Help > contents.
This manual explains Dkopp operation in great detail.

Dkopp uses the batch programs grwoisofs and genisoimage.
Dkopp is essentially a GUI front-end for these programs.


Written by Mike Cornelison <>

2010-10-01 Linux