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CANGEN(1) User Commands CANGEN(1)


cangen - manual page for cangen 2020.11.0-1


cangen [options] <CAN interface>


cangen - CAN frames generator.


(gap in milli seconds - default: 200 ms)
(generate extended frame mode (EFF) CAN frames)
(generate CAN FD CAN frames)
(generate CAN FD CAN frames with bitrate switch (BRS))
(generate CAN FD CAN frames with error state (ESI))
(send RTR frame)
(mix -e -f -b -E -R frames)
(CAN ID generation mode - see below)
(CAN data length code (dlc) generation mode - see below)
(CAN data (payload) generation mode - see below)
(poll on -ENOBUFS to write frames with <timeout> ms)
(terminate after <count> CAN frames - default infinite)
(ignore -ENOBUFS return values on write() syscalls)
(disable local loopback of generated CAN frames)
(number of messages to send in burst, default 1)
(increment verbose level for printing sent CAN frames)

Generation modes:

=> random values (default)
=> increment values
=> fix value using <hexvalue>

When incrementing the CAN data the data length code minimum is set to 1. CAN IDs and data content are given and expected in hexadecimal values.


cangen vcan0 -g 4 -I 42A -L 1 -D i -v -v

(fixed CAN ID and length, inc. data)

cangen vcan0 -e -L i -v -v -v

(generate EFF frames, incr. length)

cangen vcan0 -D 11223344DEADBEEF -L 8

(fixed CAN data payload and length)

cangen vcan0 -g 0 -i -x

(full load test ignoring -ENOBUFS)

cangen vcan0 -g 0 -p 10 -x

(full load test with polling, 10ms timeout)

cangen vcan0

(my favourite default :)
December 2020 cangen 2020.11.0-1