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CWHOIS(3) whois client CWHOIS(3)


CWHOIS - whois client


cwhois [-a|-F|-L|-m|-M|-r|-S|-R] [-h hostname] [-s source[[,source]...]] [-T type[[,type]...]] [-i attr[[,attr]...]] keys

cwhois [-t type]

cwhois [-v type]


cwhois Simple whois client that gives you back output, compatiable with RIPE DB v2, if you'll ask it to.


search all databases
fast raw output
find all Less specific matches
find first level more specific matches
find all More specific matches
turn off recursive lookups
tell server to leave out 'syntactic sugar'
force to show local copy of the domain object even if it contains referral
search alternate server
search databases with source 'source'
only look for objects of type 'type'
do an inverse lookup for specified attributes
requests template for object of type 'type'
requests verbose template for object of type 'type'


Please note that most of these flags are NOT understood by non RIPE whois servers!


Website <>


CWHOIS was written by Timur Bakeyev <>.

This manual page was written by Jan Wagner <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

2006-11-03 1.10